puffed up weak chick...does cocci always have to have bloody poo?

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    I have a 5 week old bantam ameraucana chick that is puffed up and weak. I've isolated her from her brooder mates, but she's rapidly deteriorating. She had clear runny-white poo underneath her this morning, and she will not eat or drink. All other brooder mates are as active as ever. They are on organic chick starter, which is not medicated. They have not had any treats at all, except to run around in the yard for a couple hours a day.

    So basically my question is this: Can this be cocci? I thought if it was, more chicks would be affected, AND there would be bloody poo. I can get Corid and treat the rest, but I just want to know what I'm treating.

    Thank you for any help.
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    Mar 24, 2011
    My understanding is the bloody poo is the last phase...some don't ever show any bloody excrement. If it was mine I would treat the whole bunch with corid for the 5 days.

    The powder 20% corid mix is 1/2 tsp per gallon of water
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    Only one strain of cocci, the most common one, results in bloody poop as the lats stage.
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    May 13, 2011
    I use tetramyacin ( sorry abut the spelling) you can find this in powder form at the feed store. You may also try boiled egg yolk mixed with water. The hen will usually crack a egg that has no chick when the hatching is done. when using the medication just use a pinch in a quart of warm water.Dip its beek in the water once a hour, this will keep it hydrated, careful do not over dip. I will give my flock a dose every time I see a ruffled hen that is not thriving. Hope all is well. Sometimes the chick is born with a malfunctioning system, as sad as this is nature will take its course. also I will give day old chicks 1/4 a tsp sugar in there second quart jar , after the tetramyacin. good luck
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    Cocci is a protozoa... antibiotics do not kill protozoa and won't do anything if you really have cocci.
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    So am I correct in thinking of cocci when I have a tired puffed-up chick? But why aren't the others showing any symptoms, since they all share the same water, food, bedding, etc? Or does cocci sometimes just affect one and not the others?
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    Maybe something else is wrong with it like a navel infection 'oomphalitis' or something it contracted during hatching/incubating, or maybe it was just born with abnormal innards. I hope it gets well soon! Get some of that vitamin water for poultry and segregate it and feed it some medicated chick feed to see if that helps. Good luck. It's always sad to see a sick chick.
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    I think I would go ahead and treat for cocci too. When you add up the fact that the chicks weren't on medicated starter and that they have been exposed to soil and are now having diarrhea, I think i would suspect coccidiosis. Not all birds will get sick from it. It depends on how much they get in their systems and how they respond to it. Don't wait for blood, that is a late sign and the chicks will be really sick by then. Use Corid 9.6% liquid sold in the farm store put in the water. The sick chick may have to be dropper fed some to make sure she gets it. Good luck! [​IMG]

    Medicated feed will not help at this point. It is a low dose of amprolium and only meant for prevention. After the Corid treatment you can start them on the medicated feed to prevent future issues.
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    Thank you very much for the advice. I will treat the rest with Corid. But since they're now out in the coop on soil, won't they have the potential to get cocci again??? I will get them on medicated feed as soon as the Corid treatment is done, but I just feel like I could be treating them all for cocci multiple times! Argh!!!
  10. Peppermint

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    Quote:This was a really helpful response. I assumed more than one chick would be affected (I have 12).

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