Puffle's Story


Apr 10, 2018
New York State
So basically, in September, a very special member joined: @Puffles
Her name is Irena and has been my very close friend when we met on BYC. She called me just now and told me to say hi to all of y'all.
"BYC, though I joined for a month, has changed my life so much. Thank you all."
She is in the hospital and won't come back for who knows how long. :hit
Irena was not a big part of BYC, but every member deserves to be mentioned when they're in the hospital.
She first started the farm as a small family-owned farm in Florida. There, she rescued and nurtured chicks, hens, and roosters. Her 30 acre-long love for poultry won't end.
The world would be a different place without her. At least, the 60+ ducks and chickens she rescued wouldn't be alive today.
My relatives will be helping her with the farm as she is in the hospital. Wish her luck everyone!
Thanks for listening in :)

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