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12 Years
Mar 12, 2007
I have a 3+ year old Buff that the area between the legs and vent is really large and squishy. She walks really slow and she won't jump down from the roost. She also had a trail of poo on the butt that I washed and trimmed a little. Her crop is empty and she doesn't seem interested in food or water. She is laying around while the rest of the crew is active.

What is wrong?
When did she lay last? Does she ever lay soft shell or shelless eggs? If you think she could be eggbound, give her a warm bath, and read here:



How high is the roost? Is there a ladder or other way to help her get up and down? Orps are very large birds; is it possible she has injured a leg or hip? Any sign of injury or infection on the foot? Check the bottom closely.

What is her feed? Is she given oyster shell or another calcium source? How about treats or scraps? Has she ever been wormed?
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Last time she laid an egg was about 9 months ago, she is done with eggs. I haven't even seen her in the nests.

The roost is 45 inches on top of the nesting boxes, there is a perch in-between for getting up. She never did like going down. The rest of my crew are EE's.

Her feet look normal. I was just watching her and she lost her balance just standing there. She doesn't move enough to watch for limping.

Purina Layer, yes, yes (left over parrot food), constantly (DE).

Wanted to add; I expanded the coop and in the expansion the roosts are 20 inches high and she won't use these.
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OK. She is pretty young to have stopped laying entirely. Here is a thread with a tremendous amount of information about what can go wrong with this system. A lot of these problems are serious or terminal, of course. However, in particular, see Speckledhen's post #26.


I did a search on here for "peritonitis" (just means inflammation of the peritoneal cavity, which is, sort of, the abdomen) and found several other threads with some good information.

Good luck.
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