Puffy eye on chick.

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    Aug 16, 2013
    Hi all,

    Was very sad to see that the most friendly girl in our new set of chicks has a puffy eye! Thank you for all of the threads people have posted about this in the past. I have cleaned the eye out with eye irrigation liquid from our first aid kit. And following the advice on other threads, I found someone who sells an antibiotic in Australia.

    My question is: while I'm still waiting for it in the mail...do I keep salt washing it and keeping her isolated? I'm assuming the eye irrigation is just salty water...but if I'm not right about that...what should I use?

    She has a full appetite, acting normal. Just a bit scared being without the flock.

    Here is the best photo I have of her eye. Getting another tomorrow when we have better light.

    Thanks for any help!!

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    How old is your chick? Do you have other chickens, or have you had a respiratory disease in your flock before? What antibiotic are you getting? I would just clean her eye as needed if there is crust forming. Do you have any antibiotic ointment that you could put in her eyes at night? Ointments blur the vision for a bit, so nighttime would be best. If you have chick vitamins you could put some in the water while waiting for meds. Baby vitamins without iron 2 drops daily by mouth are okay.
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    Aug 16, 2013
    Thanks Eggcessive! (for some reason I posted this right after you but it didn't work so here goes again!)

    She (I think) is 11 weeks old. We have one adult and four other chicks. I have had a good look at the others eyes and none of them have any signs of issues, so hopefully I have isolated her quick enough. We've never had any respiratory issues before and I called the breeder and he hasn't had any problems (touch wood). He has had one chook with a swallen eye before but it went away with salt baths.

    I got news that I couldn't get the antibiotic that was supposed to be being sent. But I have since found a farm pet stock company that are sneding me 'oxymav B 100gm' for the issue and I also got 'Avicycline C 50gm' as well seeing as though these seem to be the only two antibiotics I can buy here in australia. Hopefully the later will be helpful for any other problems.

    She doesn't have any discharge, or crust, or bubbles. Nothing, it doesn't even look like it's fluidy like some of the posts in here. It's just a bit bigger and looks a bit red. She has her eye open. When I went out to see her before work, she was eating away, and it looked better than yesterday, and she seemed to enjoy me washing it.
    Would ointment for Conjunctivitis do the trick at night? I have some left over from when I was a Kinder teacher ha ha.

    I'll get some vitamins too...I found a couple that are vitamins and electrolytes but they both have Iron Sulfate Monohydrate in it...does this mean it's for adult birds only? It was a specific bird product.

    Thanks so much for your help. I can see that you have been a huge help to many, Hope I can return the favour when I have a clue one day [​IMG] [​IMG]

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