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Feb 2, 2008
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We are having 3 litters of puggies. We have 2 litters on the ground waiting on number 3. We have 4 babies now. Here are some pictures. Donna


You'll have your hands full soon! Was it planned to have all 3 litters at once?
Pugs and Bostons are my two favorite small breeds, they are so funny and durable.
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Good heavens! Why on earth would you have 3 litters at once? I nearly have a nervous breakdown with one at a time. The amount of poop alone! Let alone making sure they all get the handling and socialization they need.... oh my!
Well my girls always come in heat at the same time. I only breed my girls once a year . On the other hand its nice to have other nursing moms in case you have a problem. We give our puppies plenty of socialization in my spare time I teach puppy classes. I've been doing this for almost 30 years. Before puggies I trained Rotties in search and rescue so this is not my first time. We love every minute of it and thats how it has to be because its 24/7 here.

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