Pukey Rooster, otherwise well

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    Mar 7, 2010
    I have a BCM rooster that is about 9 weeks old. He likes to eat non-food and eat feathers and dog hair etc. For the last week or two we have seen liquid come out of his mouth. My kids say he just "pukes" but I have only seen it happen when I pick him up (which we do gently) and then a teaspoon of liquid comes out of his mouth. He is otherwise completely well. He struts around and eats and drinks and poos just fine. I am new to chickens. Is this just a normal thing or something I should worry about. His sibling, hen, doesn't seem to do this at all. They are eating chick feed and free ranging a few hours a day and they get cement grade sand for grit plus whatever grit they find when they are foraging.
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    I remember the first time I saw a chicken "puke". Freaked me out! I've come to the conclusion that it's pretty normal and harmless. They drink a lot of water, lean over, and some of it just spills back out. Or in the case of your little guy, when he gets picked up, it sloshes out.

    No big deal.
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    It sounds like you might be inadvertently pressing on his crop when you pick him up. If he's continuing to eat and poop normally, i don't think i would be concerned. If you are concerned, try feeling of his crop first thing in the morning before he has had anything to eat. It should be pretty much emptied. If it isn't, he might be having a little problem getting food to pass through his crop.

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