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Apr 26, 2017
Toluca Lake, CA
New Chicken owner here. I have had my pullets for 9 days. One of them (an Easter Egger aprox 8 weeks old) didn't leave the coop this morning with the others. Eyes were closed, perching. I removed her for 4 hours to a separate crate and put a warm water compress on her eyes. She perked up after a couple hours and I returned her to the flock. She's displayed generally normal behavior the rest of the day (maybe a bit more resting) HOWEVER, she still keeps her eyes closed a LOT. Advice?
Hi :frow Welcome To BYC

What does her poop look like?
Any huddling, fluffed up appearance, diarrhea with mucous or blood?
Is she eating/drinking?
You placed a compress on her eyes - any discharge from the eyes or facial swelling?
What do you feed?

Keep watch on her to see that she is staying hydrated and eating well.
Thank you for your response!!
Additional background: Poop appears normal. no blood or mucus. No discharge from eyes, no facial swelling. No obvious feather fluffying to where I would say she's "sick". I'm Feeding medicated crumbles (brand unknown) that came with the pullets when I got her last 10 days ago. She was eating last night - I think she was drinking. She's preening normally.
Update: Same situation this morning. Didn't leave the coop with the others. Eye's closed most of the time. She's is content to stay in the coop. I put food and water in teh coop. I did the warm compress again, gave her an eye dropper with some Apple Cider vinegar water mixture (1 tbsp/gal water). Put her back in the coop.

I'm puzzled. Unless she's going blind and sensitive to the light. But I'm a 10 day chicken owner without any experience or understanding if this is common.

Also, not sure if I should separate her from the flock. She likes their company.
Do you have a photo of her?

Not coming out the coop, usually they are sick, afraid of something, being bullied, etc.
Does she get along with the rest of the flock - no bullying? How many chickens do you have and how much space?

Just trying to cover anything I can think of. Feel her crop when she goes to bed (roosting at night) it should be full. Check it again first thing in the morning before eating/drinking - the crop should be flat/empty.

It's possible that she may still be adjusting to her new surroundings, but usually they like to stick fairly close to one another.
I think she may be staying in the coop due to what ever is going on with her EYES. As I mentioned that is what caught my attention. Eye's closed much of the day. She was doing great in her new surroundings (the first 7 days) up until 3 days ago. She was thirsty this morning and I was able to feed her about 5 eyedroppers of water. Not much I cando but keep an eye on her. I've left a message with the folks I got her from. Hopefully they'll call tomorrow after the holiday.

P.S. I'll check the crop.. I had to look up where that was.. Learning fast here!

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