Pullet for sale!


Apr 28, 2020
North Central Washington
Hi everyone! I need to sell my speckled Sussex pullet, she’s 7 weeks. I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere so the chances that someone would want her and live close enough to get her are slim. I just wanted to ask how much I should sell her for, she’s very beautiful and healthy. I’m thinking around $15? We have a flock of EOs and she was supposed to be a jubilee Orpington but unfortunately she’s not.

I live in the Methow valley in north central Washington if anybody wants to trade for an EO or buy her!
I‘m pretty flexible with price and time. Thanks in advance for any replies! I can attach a picture if requested.
I’m to far away to buy her but I have two speckled Sussex hens and they are sweet, beautiful, and they lay really well. So 15 maybe even 20 if she’s very healthy😁

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