Pullet got stung? Or could something be wrong?

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Jul 9, 2008
South Western VT
My 9 week old pullet was enjoying a dust bath and all of a sudden jumped up squawking and crouching her legs in a weird way. She acted like she couldn't walk and did this crouching thing for a few minutes, still acting very skittish and breathing heavily. After a few moments of panic (for both of us, I was sure she was stricken by some terrible disease!) she was right back to normal but still very nervous!
I assume she was stung by something...I didn't see a bee. Has anyone else ever seen one of their birds get stung or display this kind of behavior?
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Nov 9, 2007
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My rooster chomped down on a hornet. I tried to warn him.
He was upset a little while.
If she's acting normal now I would assume an fire ant or some other type of misery inducing bug.


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May 23, 2008
Williamsport In.
I have seen my chickens do that also.. They walk funny and seem odd until they shake off the dirt! Get up and lay back down... Maybe it just feels wierd to them!
I had a little banty roo that squawked and jumped up in air after each few steps he took... I caught him and saw that one of his spurs was rubbing the other leg!
Funny seeing him hop up in air like he was getting bitten on the backside.. I trimmed the spur and he is now fine.....

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