Pullet has no Friends

CK Chickadilly

11 Years
Sep 11, 2008
West Michigan
My pullet was injured by a hawk attack about 3 weeks ago. Before that, she hung out with her brother. I nursed her back to health but since the attack, her brother is very mean to her. I keep her locked in a cage at night since she can't properly roost yet. Hopefully she will soon....but maybe never. Anyway, she goes about her merry way during the day. We look for bugs in the morning & evening, I move flower pots for her. She hangs out with me from time to time. But she really has no one feathered friend to be with. The Banties are older & charge her when she comes around & they may pull some feathers. The Silkies are scared of her cause before her accident she would shoo them away. Now Henry her brother is mean to her (which I think I need to sell him or give him away....to many roos).

Do you think she will always be alone? I tried putting her with a couple of Silkies but she pulled their feathers. Come winter, she will have no one to snuggle up too. Should I worry or not?
Its nature. Survival of the fittest. They view her as weak, and she's been seperated for awhile... so down she goes. She's not a prime bird to them anymore. As she gets closer to normal, it should change... but she may be at the bottom of the pecking order now.
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Should I start her roosting with the "boss chickens" again? I would have to place her up on the roost. That is how I got her accepted before when she was smaller but still they didn't want her hanging with them. She is a full sized chicken & they are banties. DIfferent breeds make a difference? as to whether or no they are accepted?

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