Pullet has swollen eye/falls over


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Apr 20, 2009
Averill Park
Hi, i've go a EE pullet that developed a swollen eye a few days ago, I treated her with opthamalic eye ointment 2x a day and it seemed to be getting better. Then yesterday, she would not come out of the coop and her eye was bloody! I brought her inside and rinsed her eye area with artificial tears and reapplied the ointment (Terramicin) in the morning. In the afternoon, her eye was back to just being swollen, but she seems to really be itching that eye and sometimes falls over, she even did a completer barrel roll this morning after I put the ointment in! Any ideas, she's so sweet, I feel so bad for her!
Thanks for the reply, yo guys on BYC are the best resource us chickennewbies could ever ask for! I did isolate her in a age inside with a heat lamp, Duramycin and PolyViSol in her water and her food. I thought she might be getting pecked at too but she seems to scrath that eye alot...

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