Pullet just wants to sit down

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    Hi, I have 4 birds that are about 22 weeks old. Over the past couple of weeks, 3 of them had what I believe to have been fowl pox (yellow spots turning black and scabby on their combs, wattles, bills and inside mouth) but they finally seem to be on the mend.

    The 4th, a Golden Lakenvelder, didn't have any of the spots/scabs and seemed to be the real healthy one- but as of this afternoon, has just been sitting down and not active with the others. If I pick her up, and then set her back on her feet, she just slowly sinks back down on to the ground. She still seems alert and bright-eyed. She is NOT taking a dust bath.

    None of them have laid yet.

    I checked her vent, and it seems a little more...ahem...gaping...than the others' do.




    At point do I become concerned about her?

    thanks for any help!
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    fowl pox is a contagious viral disease and it is might just be this one's turn to be sick. If no pox sores appear than I would suppose your non laying pullet is getting ready to lay and is having difficulty poping out the first egg. You can lube the vent with mineral oil for a stuck egg. Constant sitting with no other symptoms always leads me to egg bound. Will she eat? Usually an egg bound hen will still take food if offered. One with a sour crop will not. Unfortunately it is a processes of eliminations. First rule of thumb around here is to do no harm. Start with the simplest treatments like the mineral oil in the vent and a few drops on the food. Vitamins added to the water like nutridrench or polysol. Best of luck.
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