Pullet Not Growing

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    Apr 20, 2010
    I bought two pullets about 6months ago who were already feathered. One is a buff orphington and the other is a red laced blue Wyandotte. I soon discover that the Wyandotte (Girdy) had lice eggs on her feather, she was treated but the eggs still remained. We are currently in the process of removing them.

    My concern is this...The buff has grown, began laying eggs, and her comb has grown and is red. I realize these are different breeds of chickens so there will be some differences but something seems off.

    Girdy is a little thin, she is about have the size of the other hens, she hasn't laid any eggs and her comb is not developing and is often a pale pink. So.....what's going on? will she grow bigger? is there something i can do to help the process? If she stays smaller and without a developed comb will she be ok?

    Any thoughts, tips or links would be greatly appreciated:)


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