Pullet or Cockerel Speckles Sussex?

Oct 13, 2019
Longmont, CO
I have 2 Speckled Sussexes that are just over 10 weeks old. They have distinctly different tails and I’ve always suspected one may be a roo. The one in question has a much larger, more erect tail and maybeeee pointed saddle feathers. It has a more upright stance and as a little chick was much slower to get a tail or feather out. The one that I am pretty darn sure is a pullet has a less impressive tail. Their combs aren’t drastically different. The one in question is only slightly larger and redder. Thoughts? Lots of pics in comments.


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Apr 12, 2015
Montgomery, TX
I agree I think you’re in the clear. I’ve had a couple speckled Sussex that I always thought were boy chicks but they always turned into pullets. One didn’t have a semblance of a single tail feather for weeks, maybe 3-4?

my thought is it’s too early really for actual saddle feathers to be showing, so the chick will molt again in the next 2-3 weeks and then grow the true saddle feathers, which I don’t think will be cockerel looking at all.


May 18, 2015
Fair lawn nj
The comb and wattles are so tiny and pale pink for 10 weeks old, I have a hard time thinking it's a cockerel but I do see the possible pointed saddle feathers you're talking about. My experience with Speckled Sussex is that the roosters show really early. This is a 5 week old roo vs 8 week old pullet that I hatched last year.

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I love cockerels. Cute boy!


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Jan 12, 2019
Thanks all! I think her and her sister just have really different tails which threw me off.
I have had a couple pullets that I didn't trust because of their tails too, lol. Especially when there are other pullets from the same hatch with completely different tails, it certainly makes you question them. Once they molt they look like the lovely hens they're supposed to be, just as jolenesdad mentioned. :)
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