Pullet or cockerel?

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    I have these chicks that I just don't know what gender they are. They are all different breeds. Most of them are a little over a month old. If you know gender of any of them that would be awesome! I hope it is not too early to tell

    Chick #1)This is a silkie. It is about a month old.


    Chick #2)This is another silkie and I am unsure of its age but I believe that it is around 2 months old. This is the only one that is not a month old


    Chick #3 is an australorp


    Chick #4 is an easter egger


    Chick #5 is a barred rock


    Chick #6 is also a barred rock



    I am unsure of the gender and breed of chick #7. I don't know if it is an australorp or a black sex link. It has brown/red on the tips of some of its wings, which you can see in some of the pictures
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    You may have to wait a couple more weeks for any signs to start being apparent but no one is screaming cockerel at this stage. Look out for wattles sprouting. That's a sign of a young rooster if they start growing before 12 weeks old. Silkies are difficult and you usually have to wait until they are at least 5 months (and sometimes until they lay or crow)! I know it's torture waiting to find out if your favourite is going to be a boy!
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    The barred rocks are dark (at least they look like it in the photo)that tends to be female. I have 9 females and all 9 are dark and have dark staining down their legs onto their feet that stayed with them into adulthood. The male barred rocks will look more grey due to genetics. I dont believe they have the leg staining either.so from what i can see in the pictures, with them appearing dark, id say the Barred Rocks likely are females. The silkie and other are too young. The silkie breed take longer to sex. Look for tell tail streamers off their crests. If you see that, they are male. Females have a much rounder crest ( dependant on quality of stock) but females will never have the streamers off the back of their heads. Males also have a large comb. Larger than the females. But you have some time to go before you can tell. So far i dont see streamers which leans toward female but silkies can be sneeky and change as they age so wait a bit longer. The others seem a bit young as well. Im no expert by any means but i hope this helps a bit.
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    Too early, sorry
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    way too early

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