Pullet or Cockerel?

Pullet or Cockerel

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Just some chicks

Sep 19, 2019
View attachment 1920064 View attachment 1920057 Hello again BackyardChickens! I have 2 more chicks I’m trying to figure out. They are black sex links as well but these ones only have a little bit of the barring compared to the Cockerel you helped me sex. I’m assuming they are hens as they don’t have the signature dot on the head and not much barring along with no comb or waddle development...least yet lol. In the pictures, I’m referring to the bigger black and white chicks. The one that have mostly black and a little barring. My barred rooster you helped me sex, is the all white and black in these pictures. They don’t stay still for long so hopefully these pictures are detailed enough. Thank you!
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