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I was sold this polish pullet (smooth not frizzle in picture) as a pullet but he/she acts very like a cockerel always picking on my frizzle basically she beats him up all the time and bosses all my other hens about
So if anyone has an opinion on the sex of cookachook which is her name I would appreciate it I bought the 2 of them together and was told the frizzle was male and the smooth was female also I should note both of them have just had a haircut but she had long strands coming down both sides of her face and her bonnet was very large and puffy/round

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So you mean that before she looked kind of like this? From what I can see, the cuckoo polish has saddle feathers which would probably mean a rooster.

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Do you know how old they are? Can you get better pictures of their faces? Both look to have red wattles from what I can see in the pictures, which would make me think male unless they are older and the one would be getting ready to lay.
They are both just about 4 month old now no-one is laying or crowing and also I would say her strands were about half the length in comparison to your posted picture
She has only had a couple of hoohas with rockson the frizzle male today and the mainly breakout when they are freeranging together or after I put her down as she likes to be on my shoulder a lot
The diffrences between them are he clucks a lot where she only tweets she likes to be on your lap where he doesn't like to be picked up she calls when treats are put in or when she's not happy where he dosent bother he only takes an intrest when I'm rounding them up to go back into their run rockson always tries to help with any stragglers not wanting to go back in so they are very different in their attitude but he always backs down from the fights so they never seem to come to much harm

Nothing is screaming male to me as far as pictures. Even female chickens will fake-fight, my rosecomb pullets do. You'll just want to keep and eye out for big waddles, hens have little ones.
At 18 weeks or so they could be getting ready to lay which would explain the redder wattles, I'm not seeing saddle feathers in the later pictures of the cuckoo like it looked like it had in the first one.
Whenever I have seen them fighting both birds raise up their hackle feathers which lead me to believe she might be a cockerel she has also grown a lot larger than my other hen that I got with them she is a golden chamois I guess she might just be a dominant hen.
She is the one who starts jumping and kicking at my male frizzle and displaying towards him but i have never seen her go for my other polish hen she will
peck at my pekin bantams and get bossy towards my other hens but she never fights with any others and i have a pekin male in my flock also but she has no intrest and never challenges him either

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