Pullet or Cockerel

Your Silkie is too young to tell. Looks pullet-like at this stage but many of them do at that age, in a few weeks you will have a better idea. The Orp looks like a roo to me with all that red wattle and comb at 8 weeks of age.
Too young to tell, but isn't looking particularly cockerel-ish. I would post new photos when it gets to about 12-14 weeks of age.

This is Tiny (Silkie) 8wks

Looks like a cockerel. The body type is pullety, but that comb/wattle development is a lot for an 8-week old bird.
This is Silver (Orpington) 8wks
I'd say that your Silkie is a pullet, and your Orpington is a cockerel. The Silkie is still to young to tell for sure, though. The Orpington's comb is just too red for it to be a pullet.
Thank you all that replied, not what I hoped to hear but what I was thinking too. The Orpington will be going back to the breeder, would like to keep the Silkie if it's a pullet BUT she/he squeaks when the Orp it out of sight. Checking with breeder if she'll need another Silkie...Orp was a single hatch, I got the Silkie (close hatch date) as a companion, couldn't find anything closer in size. Will wait until they both are 12wks to see what happens. Again thank you for responding...

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