Pullet or Roo? Lavener Ameraucana


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May 10, 2016
Spokane, Washington
Hello fellow chicken lovers!
I have a 4.5 week old lavender Ameraucana. My boss at work also has one that was purchased along with mine from the same egg clutch. By law mine needs to be a pullet since I live in a city. My boss wants a roo. I think her and I need to switch birds because I think mine is a roo. What do you guys think?

The top 4 pics are my chick. The one that I suspect is a roo. The comb is very pink in person. I will post the 2 photos of my boss' chick for comparison. The post editor will not let me post more than 4 photos? So I will do the second chick being compared as a second post. Thank you for your time!

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