"Pullet" Proof Coop

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    All Oak Farms "Pullet" Proof Coop

    Ok maybe I was stretching on the name. I have two LARGE coop problems and they're named Guido & Sugar (English Pointers). My male got loose and killed 44 in one day and then my neighbor lost all of his birds to a fox. I decided it was time to build a dang near bullet proof coop. I happen to have a trailer load of modular barriers used to keep people out downtown. They are 6' by 4' and have a window made of 1.5" security wire, then the section I chose for the door is all wire so I can see what's going on inside. I have my brooder inside for now to protect the chickies untill they are a couple months old, then I will build out the boxes and add roosts. The pictures are presented minus the roof since the storms we had here last night ripped it clean off! I am going to save money or sell some chickens and buy metal roof panels. I have the suplies to build a few of these for my 3 diferent breeds. The really nice thing about them being built on the 12'X4' pallets is they are completly modular and I can even put them on a trailer and take anywhere. Have even thought about selling some... Oh and the door is off so I could change out for heavier duty hinges and add a filler panel to keep small critters from squeezing in. Also there is a photo if me in the process of covering the floor with the security wire to keep diggers out (and my wifes cat). Hope you enjoy and please comment!!!
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    Jan 11, 2009
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    Great idea. Just a suggestion but i am planning on putting an electric fence wire around my coop and run. We have some big dogs that roam our neighborhood and i've seen them chew thru chainlink fence to get at something. Good Luck and protect them chickies.
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    I some how have the feeling that I may need a bullet , or should I say dog proof coop. 4 aussies, a chow, and 2mutt. The chow and the mutts are ok, its those herd crazy aussies![​IMG]
    Nice idea on the coop! [​IMG]
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