Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Door

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  1. clport

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    May 21, 2009
    Oregon City, OR
    Does anyone have this door on their coop? Loooking for reviews and info on installation before I buy. Thanks! This group is the authority...

    edited to add the company's website: www.chickendoors.com
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  2. Green_Eggs_and_Ham

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    May 6, 2010
    I looked at this one a while back. I didn't go for it because

    1. It opens out. I wanted a vertical slider
    2. I already had a piece of sheet metal and the track. I didn't need the whole assembly.
    2. The motor is exposed outside the coop. Didn't like that idea.
    4. Cost. I didn't want to spend that much

    We went with the addamotor motor (http://www.discounthomeautomation.com/Add-A-Motor-Chicken-Coop-Motor-AAD20 ) and used my existing materials. Bought a $10 timer at Lowes. Installation was really easy! Works great. Highly recommended. [​IMG]

  3. MarieNC

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    May 10, 2010
    We have this one and have using it about 6-7 weeks now, with no problems. We have no electricity in our coop so we needed something like this. You'll need to buy a separate 12 volt battery and solar panel to operate it, though. My only wish is that it came with a timer, since you have to reset it every time you want to change what time it opens and closes.

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