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    Hi! I have a six month old Easter egger who started laying about a month and a half ago. She laid faithfully for about three weeks and for the past three, she hasn't laid a single one. She's not acting broody and I've checked to make sure she's not egg bound. Ideas? My husband says she's bound for the soup pot if she doesn't lay again soon.

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    Well, at 6 months she shouldn't be molting. A sudden stop like you're dscribing always makes me think that she is laying but is doing it somewhere other than the nest box. Do your birds free range? Could she be laying outside somewhere? They can be crafty! ;)
  3. Proper nutrition plays the largest part in egg laying and access to cold clean water.....
    Layer pellets, oyster shell and cut out most treats...Treats should only be 5% of daily ration..Meaning about a Tablespoon per hen...Granite grit if feeding treats...

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    Our flock is on a high quality feed with access to plenty of oyster shell, grit and fresh water, so I know that is not the issue. I try to limit treats and they get a short, supervised free range session each morning after breakfast. I am certain she is not laying anywhere outside or in the run. Her comb has gotten smaller and is not red and waxy like it was before (so I thought broody), but she's acting just like her normal self. No other red flags for health or behavior issues.

  5. If everything is going fine? Then you will have to wait and see what she does as a layer?

    Good luck.
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    EE's can be notoriously inconsistent layers.
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