Pullet Throat Laceration--She panicked and her talons caught the skin of her neck, please help!

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    Oct 14, 2016
    Rural Ohio.
    Iroquois is a Buckeye, 18 weeks. Unsure of weight, but she's a big girl. Heavier than some of her brood mates.

    She was very frightened at first by what happened and the dangling skin confuses her; she can see it, tries to nip it, feels pain, rinse and repeat. As far as exhibiting signs of extreme pain, she hasn't. I held her for a long time while my boyfriend made a run to TSC for some laceration spray, and she fell asleep there. When away from her flock, she was stressed and wanted to be back, even though they tried to peck the loose skin. Once back among them, she acted fine. I'm just worried about them attacking the wound.

    She has been exhibiting symptoms for around five or six hours, since the incident occurred.

    All of the other birds are fine.

    There was a little blood, but much less than I expected. A few drops, if that. The laceration itself is about an inch long and looks nasty, you have to tilt her beak skyward to really see it. No tendons or ligaments visible as far as I can tell. She whistles when distressed, and that worries me.

    Five hours ago or so, I was putting Vaseline on my pullet's combs since the weather has been very bitter here in Ohio as of late. This pullet in particular, Iroquois, is very skittish and shy and is not one that I normally handle because of her nature. She prefers to be left alone, but she usually gives in when it's time for Vaseline. I have a small bench that I sit on to handle the birds while I apply the Vaseline, and at first, she was doing okay. Then her sisters at the other end of the coop got in a scuffle and it frightened her--I tried to catch her, failed, she screamed--when I got ahold of her again, she had two skinny strings of loose skin dangling from her throat.

    I haven't seen her eat or drink yet, but I think the initial scare might have done that to her.

    The poop looks pretty good--THAT I have seen.

    So far, I've flushed the blood out of the wound, and applied MicrocynAH Poultry Care spray for lacerations to the wound twice.

    I will have to treat completely myself. The nearest vet that takes chickens is a four hour drive away, sadly. Any advice would be so very appreciated.


    The above picture only really shows the loose skin she managed to claw off of herself; I will update this post with better pictures of the wound in the morning. Right now it is around midnight here.

    The bedding I use is simple pine flake.

    Am I on the right track for fixing this? Is there anything that I should be doing in addition to what I'm doing right now? I would be really grateful for anything. Like I said, the nearest vet that takes poultry is a staggering drive away. I don't want to lost another bird so soon after the first one. :'(

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