Pullet w/clear liquid droppings, losing weight, inactive. Treatment??


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She's a salmon faverolle girl around 20 weeks. 90% of her droppings are clear liquid (often times looks like she's "peeing") or some with yellowish tint. Rarely can I find solidish material in it. No blood. She's as light as a feather, although you don't notice it unless you pick her up because she's so fluffy. Her light sussex buddy who is a full month younger than her weighs much more. She does eat a little, but it's kind of like watching a picky eater. Her comb is not pale, it's pretty bright (a pale comb was a sign of Cocci in the reading I did). Her activity level is very low, and she tends to stay inside the coop housing most of the time.
I noticed the watery droppings starting about two weeks ago, when I thought she was starting lay (she passed the liquidy white one evening on the roost, two small, firm yolks the next evening). But that was it. Never a shell or even a jello egg. She's never had much weight to her, so it's not so much that she's lost weight, but that she's not seeming to gain weight.
There are no visible worms in droppings, and she has no lice or mites.
I wondered about possible egg binding, but feel nothing abnormal. I guess I'm wondering if this is an egg issue or a disease...or maybe there's just not enough to go on to tell???? This is so frustrating!! I want to help her, but am clueless
I would also suspect a crop problem may be a possibility. If she's not able to pass much food through her crop, then it would make sense that her droppings are very watery. Have you given her crop a massage to feel if something is in there blocking up the works?
Do you find that her bottom is wet, gunky? I had a bird with clear liquid but it was a rooster. I put him in the house with me, you do not need to do that, but I gave him Sulmet a bit more for the first time dose and then went to recommended dose for the following days. I treated it like Coccidiosis. The 1st day I gave him scrambled egg with cheese (I'm home all the time) 3 times a day for 2 days having mash and water available, yogurt on the 2nd day with live cultures. I'm probably wrong, but I gave him pro-biotics, one of the capsules opened and 1/2 of the capsule over the egg & cheese. I placed chicken candies (cut grapes) in with him so if he wanted to eat them, he could.

Now that is my opinion, perhaps I got lucky, but it took 3 days to come out of it and eventually the weight came back on and in a week never knew he was sick.

I sincerely hope that what worked for me will help you out!
Punkin...I did feel her crop area, and don't notice anything odd. Well, take that back a little. I guess the oddest thing I find about her crop is that it stays flat, doesn't really round out like my other girls. I thought maybe that's just because she's not eating much.
Spook...guess I'll give the Sulmet a shot, even though I don't think it's cocci. Guess it can't hurt at this point. Her bottom has been staying yucky, so maybe whatever was going on with your roo is what she's dealing with. I do give them all yogurt occasionally, but maybe I'll just baby her a bit more with eggs and yogurt and try the sulmet. Wish me luck.
She must not be eating. That's why her crop is flat and her droppings contain no solid waste. You need to try to figure out why she's not eating, and that could be difficult.

First of all, isolate her. Keep her warm. Try to coax her to eat by offering something like hardboiled egg yolk. If she won't eat that, try mealworms or some other favorite food. You've got to try to get her to take some nourishment.
She has been eating a little, just not much. I've seen her pecking at the crumbles, and she'll take sunflower seeds and meat scraps out of my hand readily (will actually jump up to grab meat scraps). She's never been big on general scraps (guess that's partly what I meant by her appearing as a picky eater), but I figured maybe she just hadn't had access to scraps for the first 3 months of her life, therefore hadn't developed a love for them. She reminds me of a person who eats the bare minimum because they're not feeling well, but know they should eat something. However, I am going to baby her quite a bit more w/egg and other treats and see if that makes a difference. In the back of my mind I was worried about internal laying for some reason...a warning bell or something.
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