Pullet with infected eye and need advice on cause

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    1) WHAT TYPE OF BIRD, AGE & WEIGHT? 6 month old Ancona Pullet

    2) BEHAVIOR? She is pretty quiet and prefers to sit and sleep in her crate, her one eye is bright and alert, her comb and wattles look fine, she isn't eating too much but drinks a lot

    3) LENGTH OF SYMPTOMS? Since Friday evening 9/10/2010




    7) WHAT HAS SHE EATEN? A tiny bit of layer mash, a few pecks of cucumber and one scrambled egg

    8) HOW DOES HER POOP LOOK? On Friday it looked normal, but on the weekend it turned green and yesterday it was more on the watery side and clear

    9) TREAMENT SO FAR? Vetericyn (eye gel) twice daily in and on her eye

    10) INTENT? I feel that she needs to see a vet, because I am lost as to what is realluy going on. I want to know if this warrants a trip to the vet?

    11) PICTURES? No, it is really hard to get her to stay still enough to put drops in her eye

    12) HOUSING/ BEDDING? She is one of 22 chickens and they live in a 10 x12 coop with lots of ventilation on both sides and on top and have a 1/2 acre penned run/ pasture. They have pine shavings in the coop and straw in the run where it is just bare dirt.

    I came home on Friday and found my ancona with her eye closed. The eye itself looked clear, but she kept it closed and was sitting in the corner outside. After observing her for a while I decided to put her ina dog crate in the garage and she seemed to just want to sit there and sleep. The next morning her eye was a little hazy, so I went and bought some saline solution to see if there was maybe something in it. By that evening her eye was milky white, but she has no mucous coming out of her nose and her other eye seems clear.
    I went to to 2 feed stores before I found Vetericyn which is an anti bacterial eye gel as I could not find the eye gel that was recommended here. There hasn't been much improvement after 3 days. Her eye is still cloudy. No one else has been exhibiting symptoms as of yet, so I am not sure she is contagious. It rained here last week for 2 days straight, so I am not sure if that had anything to do with it or not. Her poop was a odd shade of green Saturday and Sunday, but her poop looked clear and watery yesterday. I am looking for suggestions as to what this could be and if anyone in the Vancouver, WA area knows of a vet that will see chickens, I would like to take her to see them.

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