Pullet with injured leg

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    Our friendliest pullet, and my daughters' favorite, Kitty, probably fractured her left leg a few days ago. No idea how she did it- maybe jumping off the roost (none of them use the 2 ladders we've provided), or possibly got it caught on our ladder that went from the pop door to the run. It had loose slats and we didn't realize it, but it has since been replaced. Anyhow, she was ok, just limping for a day or two, then we had to bring her into the house b/c her flockmates were picking on her. She's in a big dog crate with food, water, and grit. We were unable to see any injury at all until yesterday, when it became obvious that her leg was slightly bent (you have to see it from the right angle to be able to tell) and it is beginning to heal without wrapping or splinting. She's eating, pooping, and acting fine. She's getting a bit of BOSS each day and today I gave her some canned salmon. She is also getting fresh mixed greens from our garden each day in addition to eating her regular grower food. Is there anything else I need to be doing for her? I have Poly-Vi-Sol w/o iron- should I be giving her a drop or two each day? Just want to make sure I have all my bases covered to give her the best chance at recovery I can. Thanks!
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    seems like your pullet is well-taken care of but maybe someone with more experience than i can tell you what might come next.....??

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