pullet with swollen face, no other symptoms


10 Years
Mar 6, 2010
Warren County, NJ
Good Afternoon everyone! I have a 14 week old SLW wyandotte ( from McMurray Hatchery - vaccinated for Marek's and Newcastle) with swelling on 1 side of her face. Her weight feels good - she is one of the best eaters. She is very active. She free ranges every afternoon/evening for 3 or 4 hours and all day on the weekend if we are home. For bedding I am using pine bedding in the coop. The run was grass, but is mostly dirt with hay (but the hay is only in 1 corner). She is fed Purina start and grow, and she gets scratch in the evening, and she eats greens when free ranging.

I noticed 5 days ago that the left side of her face looked a little bit larger, or swollen. my husband and neighbor ( who has had chickens for years and years) did not think that she looked swollen at all. Her face is definitely starting to swell more now, especially around her eye. The wattles aren't swelling. Her color looks ok, and I don't see any sign that she was bitten or pecked. Her breathing sounds normal, and I do not see a discharge from her eyes or nose. I have read thread after thread on this website, but I am still not sure as to what it can be. There's no odor, so hopefully it's not Coryd.

I am bringing her in tonight so I can keep an eye on her and get a poop sample to bring to the vet tomorrow. I love my vet, but she will not see my chickens, just guinea pigs! I was able to find a different vet not too far away who will see her, but not until Saturday. I know i live in NJ, but lots of people have chickens and there are several farms out here, so I can't believe how difficult it is to find a vet for the chickens.

Anybody have a similar experience, or any recommendations??
I forgot to add that there was a coccidiosis outbreak with my flock 9 weeks ago, when they were 5 weeks old. This SLW with the swollen face is the only one was actually sick last time. The others had bloody poop, but nobody else seemed sick. She recovered in a few days and has seemed fine ever since. I am worried that something is working on the whole flock, but only Laila is showing a symptom.
is there any crustyness (yellow/black?) on the swollen part? Am treatng a hen now for a swollen head. See new post "bacterial infection on hen, discription and treatment". Just posted a few minutes ago with details. Godd luck with your bird.

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