Pullet with swollen, waterery eye?

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    Bird is a seven-month old Cochin/marans cross. She weighs about three pounds. She has a very swollen eye area, and a lot of liquids coming from the eye. Swelling feels liquidy, like a water balloon. She is still eating, and, though she is not as active as usual, she can walk fine. We do have scorpions and bees right now, so that could be the problem. She is in a quarantine cage, and I rubbed some Vaseline mixed with blukote on her face. She is still vocal as well.
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    My Dominique pullet had that exact thing. I gave her antibiotics and the swelling went down over the next few days. I've heard that Cochins are prone to this, but I don't know.

    here's a link to a forum that talked about something like that.


    hope that helped.

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