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    Apr 19, 2009
    How can you tell if it's a hen or rooster. All I get from my Friends is crazy little old time ways that just really get the best of me. I purchase 3 little ones and 3 straight ones. But then I went back and the people are not educated like me about the kind or anything else. But the lsat trip they had pullets and others so I was wondering how the could tell. I raised little one a 28 years ago and it was so much fun for me I enjoy that kind of stuff. Do the chicks need medicine in the water? I'm not sure why I thought this but if anyone could let me know I would appreciate the information. Starting over with this is not like riding a bike... Being I want hens should I go and purchase they now knowing they are hen? Would that be a wise thing???
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    Someone can probably give you a better answer, but I will try... You might want to look for Sex Link chickens, they can be sexed by the color.

    Most of the feed for chicks is medicated. You can probably get it from a granary unmedicated if you wish. You should not need to add anything to the water.

    Have fun!
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    Mar 27, 2008
    Post pics would help better in seeing if they MIGHT be hens or roos..

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