Pullets - Cream Legbar, Texas Blue Bonnets, Crested Olive Eggers


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Dec 22, 2011
McAlester, OK
My Coop
My Coop
I am selling a few dozen 12-18 weeks pullets. They are all blue or olive egg layers and include Cream Legbars, Texas Bluebonnets (Blue Plumage/Blue egg laying hybrid), and Crested Olive Eggers (black-copper olive egg laying hybirds).

You can see reference photos and news on our flock on our profile page on LocalHens.com.

The pullets are being sold to free up coop space. We don't have anything else that we are wanting to sell right now, but are willing to sell our back up breeding cock to make a starter flock is that help get the pullets to a new home. We also could sell a few 18 month old hens from our main flock with cockerels that we have retained to evaluate for breeding to anyone that is looking into get a Cream Legbars starter flock.

We are in McAlester, OK 74501
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