Pullets losing weight?

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    May 18, 2009
    Well, hello everyone. Here I am again reaching out to you with questions. I would like to thank everyone on here again for their help and support when I was treating my girls for cocci.

    I have 7 chickens at 19 weeks old, all are feisty and full of energy. They are all eating layer mash. I feel over the last couple of days that they seem a little thin. I'm not sure if it's because I'm so used to looking at them, or what. Is there any reason why they would be losing weight? They all seem very happy and curious. I know they're just about at laying age, could that cause changes in their metabolism? Any advice or opinions would be helpful.

    A little background: I just finished treating them two weeks ago for cocci. All came out of it beautifully. They just started layer feed about two weeks ago. They free-range for most of the day. I wormed them 4 weeks ago with Wazine. They just started establishing the pecking order two weeks ago.

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    Layer feed is generally less protien and fat than a starter or grower. Might just be the effects of changing food. If so, it will balance out.

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