Pullets maybe not eating the bigger corn pieces?


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8 Years
May 18, 2011
So, our chicks turned 6 weeks old this weekend (well, two are 6 weeks old, one is 10 weeks old). We ran out of chick feed and the local feed store recommended the next step up (pullet developer I think it was) rather than buy more chick food. My wife got the 20# bag of organic, FWIW. Anyway, see the pic below but I think maybe the birds aren't eating those rather large looking corn bits. They MIGHT be, but as I see a LOT of them sitting in their feeder I think they must be eating around them for smaller stuff. What to do? Do they start eating corn bits like that pretty soon? I'd hate to waste those bits.

Hmm- I've never met a chicken who didn't like corn. For mine, its like chicken crack. They'll pick through everything else to eat the corn first. If they've never had corn before, they may just need a little time to adjust. Another thing- there looks to be ALOT of corn in that feed. I give my girls scratch as a treat- maybe your girls are trying to watch their figures
who knows, they are some crazy little criiters. Good luck!

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