pulley acting strange after laying first eggs

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    May 16, 2016
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    hi guys. my buff orpington mix who is about 18 week old laid her first egg yesterday. she's the first of the flock to start. she laid another egg this morning and when i went to get it i noticed she was standing in the coop all by herself while the others were in the run. she's been very antisocial since she began laying. is this normal
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    Most likely. She has a new experience, her instincts are kicking in, emotions are changing. Maybe broodiness instincts kicking in? being a buff orpington. Nooo. Probably not. GC
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    Broodiness, i would doubt, but i agree that hormonally there's likely to be a change and i guess it can all be a bit confusing for new layers. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that one of my pullets was being "picked on" (nothing aggressive, but unusual) and two days later she laid her first egg, so I'm happy to put a behaviour change, caused by laying, being the cause in subtle changes in her behaviour.
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    Definitely are hormonal and behavioral changes just before and for a month or so after laying begins.

    That standing alone apparently pondering life and the world can be a predecessor to laying a soft shelled egg...have seen that several times. It's kind of funny after you get over freaking out that your chicken is sick and going to die(which was my first thought when I first observed it).

    If the isolation, inactivity continues you might want to take a good look at her vent and abdomen just to be sure nothing is amiss.
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