Pumpkin Hulsey Pair (White!)

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    Hatched 3/1/11, they are now 15 weeks old - photo taken one month ago. These are Greenfire Farms-hatched birds and they lay prolifically. Free-range most of the day and fed basic layer pellets & some grower's crumble.

    "Midas" is striking with his gold mantle and saddle feathers, and he seems to know it.
    "Dove" isn't solid white as there is color in her tail, but so far I've had people wondering about that white not-a-pigeon that keeps going into the coop. ;-D

    Both are sweet birds, curious, gentle, and will sit on your lap once they get to know you; Midas especially likes to have his neck feathers "preened." They are being raised in the middle of many sizes and ages of chickens, kids, and animals so will adapt pretty easily to just about anything.

    Shipping is available at a minimum of $60 but could be up to $75 depending on location. You are paying for the box and shipping costs. Paypal only, please. They will ship the Monday following the close of the auction unless you make arrangements to come pick them up here in Cupertino, CA.

    Thank you for looking!

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