Pumpkin Lawn Bags


11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
Monroe, Ga
Yesterday I cut some grass in the feild next to our house.
Today I went to walmart to get the pumpkin lawn bags and they want $2 for 1 bag!
I have a lot of grass to bag and am going to need a good few bags. I dont want to spend that much on trash bags..

I felt like I was getting ripped off just because its a seasonal item. I KNOW somewhere has them WAY cheaper (plus they dont look like the old bags...)
I looked online this morning and they are 10 for $1.50. I dont have time to order them because the rain is coming on Friday..

Where can I buy these bags cheap?
How about using black garbage bags and some white paint and make some unique ones........

Question marks, tombstones that wont blow over?

Ghost faces like Scream?

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