Pumpkin leaf eater!


May 7, 2016
Something has been eating the leaves off our pumpkins. This leaf eater is not an insect nor a fungus/virus of any sorts, but definitely an animal. Anyone know what it could be? Never had this happen. They're protected by 4 walls.
Hello all :D
Sorry for not getting back to everyone. Was on vacation.

The walls are around 8 feet high, surrounded by (on one side) a chicken coop, and on the other, a giant trench where we plan to build a stone wall. So that eliminated the deer problem.

We noticed rabbits living near our neighbors house, so we thought that may be the culprit.

Before we left, we set up rat traps, mouse traps, etc. Not the old fashioned types, but the reusable types.

Well, here were the results.


We do not have rats living in our house, nor near it. This disgust us quite a bit. We caught about 3 on the first night according to our neighbor.

Thanks for all the help, and once again, my apologies for not getting back to you. :{

P.S. We have so many hawks/fox (potentially mountain lion and bear) that the amount of deer and rabbits are very low. We had a problem with chipmunks last year, so we ended up shooting them (we felt bad, but it was the only way to prevent them from eating all of our crops)

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