Pumpkin seeds for worming??

I heard raw, but I don't know if it is true or not. I usually just hurl a pumpkin in the run and stand back. They will eat it down to the skin in a matter of days. The "guts" are gone almost instantly.
Thanks! The little buggers loooove pumpkin...
just crack that sucker open and your chickens are guaranteed to ATTACK that pumpkin like it's nobody's business
I guess it's a good wormer, I don't use anything else and I have never had worm problems, so.... (knock on wood....)

I can't think of a single reason why a pumpkin seed would kill a worm or parasite.

I suggest that if your chickens have worms that you purchase a wormer for them.

Pumpkin seed is a good treat. My poultry never get them, because the people in this family eat them all.
Feed it raw, cooking them cooks out some of the benefits.

The best way is to crush or chop them up, then feed it. And if you have the resources available, mixing in some chopped up watermelon or cucumber seeds also works.

Pumpkin seeds DO kill parasites, they contain a chemical that paralyzes them. Look it up.
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