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    Apr 14, 2016
    Hi everyone. This is my 1st time posting. I love the advice given on this site though.
    My chicken was recently attacked by a fox. My husband managed to run the fox off and save my sweet Eloise. She was pretty tore up on her rear and under one wing. We got antibiotics from the vet and ckeaned/treated the wounds immediately. Sadly I did not notice 2 puncture wounds to her chest because they were covered by feathers. We discovered these wounds 3 days later when giving her the antibiotic shot. I began cleaning them one is very deep and has obviously punctured through her crop. She's still eating, drinking, pooping, and seems happy and pain free.
    Any advice on how to continue to treat these wounds?
    Thanks for any advice!
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    May 3, 2009
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    [​IMG] Sorry for the circumstances. Is the crop punctured to the point that it is leaking feed and water? If so you may want to suture or super glue the puncture closed. If just the skin over the crop is ripped application of antibiotic ointment may be enough. If it is an extremely long rip, suturing or super glueing may be in order. Skin lacerations in chickens tend to heal quite readily. Punctures can be more difficult. Good luck.

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