puntured comb and injured wing

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    Jun 3, 2013
    My Little Debbie (good sized red sex-link) was injured today, I don't know by what. She has 2 holes in her comb--almost like a snake bite but it's kinda cool for snakes. That blood has now dried and I"m not too worried about the wonds. She also has an injured wing on one side. At first, I thought she was pecking around and happened upon a snake, which bit her on her comb (head down, pecking) and then, as she flapped, she hurt the wing. But, as I said, it's sort of cool for snakes as it is only in the low 60's here. I have put her in the coop alone with food and water, so at least the others aren't bothering her. I gave her a big handful of corn, which she gobbled up, but husband gave her a cracker and it's still there, untouched. She's been drinking more than I usually notice. If the wing is broken, how can I tell and what should I do? I'm for watchful waiting right now, as it'll be dark in an hour and she's safe. I don't know if she can get up on the roost, but I don't see why she could't get to the lowest rung. If there is something I can do that I am not, please let me know. I hesitate to swab off the blood and put neosporin on it because it's stopped bleeding and I don't want to stress her more than necessary. Thanks. Oh, don't know if this matters or not, but our cat was also injured recently. gimpy hip and moving really slow--could be a hawk or owl? No punctures or open wounds on the cat and he's had snake bites in the past. (which is why I thought snake when I saw Debbies holes). If a snake bites, I would guess it depends on how much venom gets injected so a cold snake maybe wouldn't inject any at all? Grabbing at straws.
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    I don't really have any guesses for you.

    However, what you are doing is perfect.

    Keeping her safe and quiet with food and water that she can get to easily, is perfect.

    she doesn't need to perch if she doesn't want to, as long as she has a dry place to sleep.

    My sister had a little Hamburg hen get bit all over by a non-venomous snake. The hen was very sore for awhile, but recovered just fine.
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