Puppies for Sale in Wisconsin....Pick Up only

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  1. Hi Everyone...I posted this but now it's in a different section and what told I can repost it again...

    Well I still have 1 puppy left...
    She was born Dec 7, 2008
    1 female left $150.00
    They are 7/8 Great Pyrenese, 1/8 Border Collie

    they love to be around both people and the animals.
    They have been given there first shots (by me) and been dewormed (which will be finished when 4 months old--then just routinely done)

    I will not ship/fly the puppy as the price would end up being more than I am comfortable putting on them..

    If interested please let me know...

    The numbers for the puppies might have changed since the original post(topic which is now in other pets and livestock if you want to look at it)...

    Girl #2 (white with VERY LIGHT cream)
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  2. scarter

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    Aug 22, 2008
    Roberts, WI
    I can't stand the waiting. You sure you need to pick up pigs today? See you in the morning.
  3. Still have puppies for sale...
    Suppose to meet today to, so of 2 of the girls should have a new home, so there is still one for sure that needs a home...
  4. WiseChicks

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    Dec 16, 2008
    Hudson, WI
    I will vouch for the remaining puppy! [​IMG] She is cute as a Bug's ear, and is all puppy-kisses lovey. [​IMG] She is happy and curious and loves people and kids. [​IMG]

    If I could take 3 puppies, I would, but Shawna didn't offer the "Buy Two, Get One Free" special! [​IMG]

    somebody take this puppy!


    you are going to just love getting Sydney and the other girl...I am so happy they are going together...Have you thought of a name for her yet???
  6. Updated the pictures with the puppy that is left...
    I only have 1 girl now....

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