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  1. I have 8 puppies that need to go to a new home on November 15th. Im asking $75 each. NO SHIPPING, PICK UP ONLY!
    Mama is Bassette Hound/ Bull Terrier and just turned 1 years old last week.
    Daddy (neighbor's dog) is a Beagle/Jack Russell and I have no idea how old he is.

    the 8 puppies are 5 girls and 3 boys. They are white with brown and black patches and Tri-colors.
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    Hi there, you might have better luck if you put your location in your ad somewhere. [​IMG]

    Do they have any shots? I would (might) pay $75 for a mixed breed from the pound, but it would be fixed and current on vaccines.

    Just a few tips to help you out [​IMG]
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    Pictures of the pups would help a lot. Pics of momma and poppa (if possible) would also help. Either way, I'm definately interested in seeing a bull terrier/basset mix, lol.
  4. Im in Lake Butler, Fla. Im getting shots and de-worming done for each puppy. Im trying to find a suitable vet to get them fixed, including mama. We didn't have mama for very long and was told she was fixed but found out she wasn't. Mama's brothers and sisters all look like bassette hounds, she is the only one that shows traits of bull terrier.

    [​IMG] That's dad at the lower left corner. That's the only picture I have of him since he is NOT my dog.


    Here is mama with babies at 2 days old.
    I know I have more pictures of mama somewhere. Im still looking for them. I know more are on my laptop but unfortunately my laptop doesn't work.

    (((Sorry I said Starke, I was just on the phone with hubby talking about going to starke for something and kinda went brain dead)))
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    Wow your right by me! I always see you and wonder where Union County is lol
    I can't get any more dogs but just wanted to say hey! lol i'm in ocala
  6. [​IMG]

    Finally found a better picture of mama. The scratch marks on her face was caused by our Pitt Bull/Lab mix, She became too aggressive and dangerous that we had to take her to the pound.
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