puppy stories, mine and yours hopefully

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    Aug 11, 2007
    Hello! Most of you are familier with Annie my beagle and her 5 adorable beagle puppies. They are now almost 3 weeks old and really a lot of fun. Today I set up the exersize pen on the floor of the living room (where there box is) and put down a blanket and a few pee pads on the floor. At first a few did nothing but cry. Soon though a few where growling and playing. (out of curousity, growling is normal right? I don't like have a pack of soon to be vicious beagles on my hands do i?) two did nothing but try to fit there heads through the wire on the pen (only muzzles fit) They do seem ill at ease on the floor but I plan to leave them there for a while as I want them to get use to being other place then just the whelping pool. Two are trying out there barks. They are so much fun to watch and listen to.

    I want to hear your stories of puppy play time. Either with litters or just single pups, what kinds of things have you given them to play with, what did they like or not like. Annie just went in and stole the dental bone I had put in there to see if they would play with it. She now hid it under the tv stand. She is not sure about the whinning but isn't concerned enough to stay in the pen with them (the gate is open so she can come and go as she pleases)

    Anyway come on and share some funny stories and give me some ideas for toys for my babies.
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    When our Danes had pups, we moved the whelping pool to the living room(out of the back bedroom) so they would get used to noises. About 3 weeks later they could crawl over the pool. So we put up chicken wire around it. Then they crawled over that. Then we added a wooden frame...They climbed over that...It was getting ridiculous!!!! By the 10th week, we had 9 puppies escaping every night. We would wake up to 3 puppies on the couch, 2 on the chair and 4 on the floor. None in the whelping area. Good times. We built a pen outside for playtime and they would try to climb over that too!!!

    Our living room looked ridiculous with this humongous cage in the corner...lol
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    Aug 11, 2007
    I like that! My DH and I have been taking bets on which pup will make it out of the pool first. They have started trying, but can't get good enough footing on the side to get up and over. So far he thinks it will be Brawny (the only boy) and my money (not real of course) is on Orange or as we finally came up with names for them Ophelia, because as soon as she sees us she is trying to clamber out. She is by far the friendliest and loves a good petting.

    How many of you named the pups? We where going to, then we weren't because we were worried we would get even more attached and not want them to go. Yesterday we did name them though. So now all Five have names 1-red, is now Rosie. 2-Green- is now Gracie, 3-Squealer- is now Sophia, 4-Boy- Brawny, and 5-Orange is Ophelia. (DH named 4,5 I named 1,3 and we both agreed on Gracie, though he was leaning toward GiGi.
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    We raise German Shepherds form working bloodlines. Our litters are alphabetical so everyone gets named. When they sell, the people can change/pick a name for the paperwork, as long as it begins with that letter. Usually they go with whatever we've named them.

    We've had



    and so forth.

    Our last was the "G" litter.

    Usually by about 4 weeks, I hang a long rope over the puppy pen with various things tied to it....empty two liter bottle, 1/2 gallon milk jug with a handful of kibble in it so it rattles, chew rags, tug ropes, etc. and let them decide on thier favorites.

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