Pure black gaint eggs for sale.$15 a dozen including shipping


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Jun 9, 2009
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Black gaint eggs for sale $15 dollars a dozen shipping included. rooster is a really handsome guy.He is with 9 hens.The blood line is a best of breed, best of varieity.and best of show at my local county fair.USA orders only. ships only on mondays.pictures coming soon.The rooster is 11 months old
and we have had 12 chicks that we kept out of him.The hens range from 1 year to 9 months old.He is a wonderful bird all of the chickens have good temperments. He is a big for his age but thats good.

* $15 dollars a dozen shipping included
* USA orders only.
* ships only on mondays
* i will be on this web site as much as posible so if i dont get to you today i will get to you the next day.
* pictures coming soon
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The pictures are on my byc page. thanks for lookin:)

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