Pure bred Boston Terrier Puppies!!

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    May 26, 2009
    We have 3 purebred Boston Terrier puppies looking for new homes!

    They were born Jan 27th and are about 9 weeks old now. Black and white with a tiny amount of brindle. Not the tiny, pocket size dogs, they will be in the 18 to 25 lb range as they reach adulthood. The female is more petite, the males are a really good size.

    These are super sweet pups and are being raised inside our home where they can play with the kids and other Bostons till they get so tired they fall over asleep! They are being trained to use puppy pads and have had their first shots.
    While I may be a bit biased, I have to say, I think this breed is the BEST family dog ever! They have sturdy bone structure, so I dont worry the kids might hurt them when playing, they have very even temperments and are very docile, they require little grooming, little space, and dont have huge excersize requirements. I have had the parents checked for patella issues and cataracts, and neither showed any positive signs. Vet saw no issues with pups in those areas.

    This breed is an indoor breed, they have short coats and arent suited to be outside when it is very hot or cold. They are fairly easy to housetrain and are very fast learners. Our adults know alot of tricks and the mom to the pups even likes to ride a skateboard! They LOVE to play fetch and really enjoy just sitting in your lap being petted.

    These pups are AKC registerable, but I must stress that they are pet quality. Due to 2 of the three pups having a purely cosmetic default (they have been checked by the vet who assures me it is cosmetic only, but is genetic, so breeding them is not a good idea) I have lowered their price to help them find a good home. The defect is called cherry eye and is not too severe, does not obstruct their vision, and tends to come and go. They may outgrow the condition as their heads get bigger and allow more room in the optic area for the tissue to recend back into the normal position.

    The female is 500 and does have the condition in one eye (not too bad and I can send pics)
    The male with the condition is 300.
    The 3rd male is the largest and shows no sign of the condition, however I assume he carries the trait. His price is 400.
    I cannot ship, but I am willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet.
    I am in Ca, near Sacramento.
    Feel free to PM any questions.

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