Pure breed Anatolian Shepherd AKC registerd Free to good home


7 Years
Oct 1, 2012
I have a white Anatolian shepherd one year and 3 month old (born January 2012). He is registered with the American Kennel and is not neutered. I need to find him a good home very soon.

I am in Bedford NY. I am willing to pay half of the transportation fee. If interested please call me at 646-220-6460
I have been looking for a LGD - unfortunately I live in California. I wonder how much it would cost to transport him here?
He was supposed to go to Texas by car and it was $700. I do not know how much it would be to California, maybe he would need to go by plane. If there is any way you can figure out how you would like him sent to you I would be willing to split the cost with you. However this dog has some issues, you can not confine him and can not put him on a leash, he will not move on a leash.
I see chickens in that picture. Is he good with chickens? And when you say he can't be confined, do you mean he jumps fences?
He is very good with chickens, that's what I am using him for. All my chickens are free roaming and he is not doing anything even to day old chicks (can't say the same thing about one of my other female Anatolians). I have two other female anatolians, all in a fenced area, very big, like 4-5 acres. He never jumped the fence, and when I drive outside my property he knows to stop at the gate and never went outside. However this dog is not used to be on a leash. A few weeks ago I was trying to grab him by the collar and he would not move, so I hit him over the head with my hand while trying to drag him. As a result he bit my arm. My other female Anatolian was in heat and I think that might have played a role in this too. This breed you can not hit with anger because they might answer with their own aggression. I learned that now, but my husband does not want to keep him anymore. It is too much of an hassle for us to just bring him to the vet which does not do house calls. He needs to be on a farm, maybe someplace where the vet might come at the farm for some other bigger animals, like cows or goats or whatever so he can get his shots like that. I need to find him a place soon, my husband already called the vet inquiring about putting him down. He is actually a very good boy, very affectionate, obedient and very friendly with people. He is up to date with all his shots, is AKC registered and most of all he is very healthy and handsome. I really love this dog and do not want to give him away, but I can not go against my husband who is determined to get rid of the dog one way or the other. The dog is free and I am willing to pay half the cost of his journey, wherever he goes. He is worth a lot of money being AKC registered and not neutered, especially for someone who might also want to breed him. If there is anybody who could use a really good guard dog then they should consider Buzz (that's his name). He is only one year and 3 months old still very young. I hope someone who is reading this would be able to take him or help find him a good home.
I will find out how much it will cost and get back to you .... if it isn't too muchh I will split it with you. What is the nearest airport to you?
It is Westchester airport (or white plains airport). Also JFK, LaGuardia and Newark would work, last 3 would be like 45 minutes drive from my house

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