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May 29, 2012
Howdy, all, I live in Mt. Vernon Ohio and I have 1 - Amerucauna Rooster, 1 - Silver Spangled Hamburg Rooster, 3 - Black Autralorp Roosters. They are all free, pure to thier breed, super Healthy and will be great breeders. I just have to many roosters of the same kinds and want to find them a good home. ROOSTERS HAVE FOUND A GREAT HOME
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Apr 1, 2012
Aurora, OH
Wow, I wish you were closer. We just lost our rooster & have been on the lookout for a new guy, but we're about two hours away from you
We think we found someone up here who has some bantam silkie roosters available so hopefully that works out, but we were more interested in a full size guy. We are new to chickens in general, are those breeds fairly friendly? All ours are free range in the backyard & follow us aroudn everywhere. With two little kids, we need to make sure we can still enjoy it without having to run from a rooster
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