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  1. I have 8 Purebred Call Ducklings for sale. They are from a Purebred White Call hen and a Purebred Gray Call drake, so the colors will be mixed. They were hatched on May 26th, 2008.

    I am selling them for $5.00 each. PICK UP ONLY I do not ship my call ducklings.

    3 of the ducklings are silver/blueish in color with yellow spots, and the other 5 are black with yellow spots. They are all very healthy. The mother hatched them out under her, 8 out of 8 eggs hatched 100% hatch rate. Call ducks make great pets.

    If you are interested please email me at [email protected] or you can send me a PM. Please let me know how many you are interested in and where you are located. Thanks. Here are some pictures

    This is the mother when she was sitting on the eggs.
    Here are the ducklings.
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    oh I like that pic of mom like 'Get the QWACK away from me!' [​IMG] They are beautiful babies. I wonder if they are going to be like bibbed blues in the end or be like a blue mallard....
  3. I love that picture too. [​IMG] I wonder what they will look like also. I have another 8 eggs from that hen and drake in the bator now, to hatch this monday.
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    ok I've a question for you. I have a pond and I've been wanting a couple (or a few) to be able to keep in the back yard and to allow to swim in the ponds here. I was contemplating the other day which kind I'd like and someone told me the only kind that will not fly away are Pekins & that if I were to get another kind I'd have to trim their feathers? Is that true? And where in NY are you? Oh & theat pic of them mom is priceless really.
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    OMG they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

    I wish I lived by you! I'd snatch them up!

    What colors do you think they will be?
  6. Quote:I had a Gray Call Duck that I raised from a duckling, and once he learned to fly, I would run and he would fly after me and land. It was so cute.

    I am in Southern Columbia County NY. I think it was in March, I had about 15 call ducks that I would let out to swim on the pond during the day, and then at night I would lock them up. Well, they never flew away, until one day, the hawks kepts getting them, so finally they all took off and flew away. If you dont have a hawk problem they will be fine, but you could clip their wings if you would like.

    Now, I have 2 male geese that I keep out 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and I havent had a chicken, or duck attacked by a hawk.

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