Purebred Chicks- Many Breeds Pick Up or Shipping *NPIP**

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  1. Poultrypeople

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    Purebred day old chicks.

    Beautiful, healthy Chickens!!

    Hatched at my farm from my chickens eggs!!!

    Local Pick Up: Goldsboro, NC
    Shipping: Must be 25 Chicks (Can be a mix of Breeds) $20 Priority Mail (2-3 Days), includes the box.

    Straight run only.

    Breeds Available: $3 - $6
    * Silkies black, blue, buff, white, splash, and partridge (bantam fuzz balls - great mothers) $5
    * Dark Brahmas (feather legged) $3
    * Light Brahmas (feather legged) $3
    * Buff Brahmas (feather legged) $3
    * Barnevelders (dark brown eggs) $3
    * Blue Laced Red Wyandottes (rare & beautiful) $5
    * Sex links (excellent brown egg layers) $3
    * Gold Laced Polish (top hats) $4
    * Black Australorps (excellent brown egg layers) $3
    * Black Copper Marans (very dark brown egg layers) Sold Out
    * Blue Copper Marans (very dark brown egg layers) Sold Out

    New hatches every week.

    Place Order: 919-330-8770
    Visit My Website: http://poultrypeople.com

    NPIP # 55-974

    Dark Brahmas
    Light Brahmas
    Barnevelder Rooster
    Black Australorp Rooster
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  2. Paquitagrl

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    May 9, 2010
    North Pomfret
    Hi do you have more pics of your barnevleders? I might be interested in 25. I live in VT and would need them shipped. When might you be able to get them out?
  3. triciakoontz

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    Apr 8, 2011
    Hillsborough, NC
    Are any of your Barnevelders double-laced?


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