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    We are offering purebred hatching eggs in the following breeds available to ship Monday-Wednesday every week:
    Note: Since we don't ship eggs over 3 days old, the number in ( ) is the MAX for that breed. Price is PER EGG so you can mix and match.
    These are all purebred birds, bred to the standard, not hatchery stock. We are NPIP and AI-clean Certified Mar 2016.

    CHICKEN HATCHING EGGS: Buy 10 we'll send 12, Buy 20 we'll send 25!
    Buff Orpington (English roo over American hens)(18) $2.50 per egg
    Standard Cochins - BBS (18) $2.50 per egg
    Dominique (18) $2.50 per egg
    Silkie : Buff, Paint, Blue & Splash, White (all bearded) (12 from all pens) $3.50 per egg - Buff and White not yet laying for 2016
    Leghorn (White, Paint, & Black in pen) (18) $2.50 per egg
    Silver Pencilled Rocks (18) $5.00 per egg
    French Black Copper & Blue Copper Marans (Blue Copper roo over Black Copper hens, 4-6 egg color) (6) $5.00 per egg
    Ameraucanas Blue and Black together (12) $5.00 per egg
    F2 dark Olive Egger (Olive egger hen with Blue Copper Marans roo) $5.00 per egg (2)

    Rare Breeds: $7.50 per egg
    Gold Laced Wyandottes (8)
    Blue Laced Red Wyandottes (8)
    Coronation Sussex (12) - just starting to lay for 2016, so limited quantities for the first few weeks
    Lavender Ameraucanas (10)
    Lemon Cuckoo English Orpingtons (10)
    Lavender Cuckoo English Orpingtons (3 Lav hens and 1 Black split to Lav hen with Lav Cuckoo roo) (10)
    Exchequer Leghorns (4)
    Buff English Oroingtons (2)
    Blue English Orpingtons (2) - not yet laying for 2016

    Turkeys: Heritage Bronze, Narragansett, Bourbon Red, Royal Palm (all separate pens) $4.00 per egg
    Muscovy duck eggs $2.50 (8+) (Choc, Pied, Blue Fawn in one pen, Blue and Lavender Pied in another)
    Guinea eggs (6+) (Lavender, Royal Purple, Slate and Bronze) $3.00 per egg

    Sebastopol Goose eggs $15 (limited quantity)
    African Goose eggs $5 (limited quantity)

    We double bubble wrap and double box our eggs and try to include extras when we can. Orders of 24 we use foam shippers that hold 25. Shipping is Priority Mail and based on actual cost +$2.50 per doz for all the bubble wrap and packing peanuts, or foam shipper (our cost) :) We CAN Fed Ex eggs if you prefer.
    Average cost for shipping 1 doz is $10 in VA, $14 East Coast, $16 Central US, and $19 West Coast. Additional dozens add about $4 to shipping costs. We can only ship to addresses in the Continental United States.

    Fine Print: We are hatching these same eggs and so fertility is confirmed, however, we cannot guarantee that the eggs we ship you will hatch due to the many variables in shipping and incubation. A 50% hatch rate is considered by many people as an average hatch on shipped eggs. IF you have a bad hatch let us know and we will work with you.

    PM us or email [email protected] for a shipping date estimate or reservation and include your zip code for a shipping cost estimate.
    See more photos of our birds at www.gardiennewings.com .

    Thanks for looking!
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    Nov 11, 2013
    Will this be offered all spring/summer? Love the breeds, and love it even more that you mix and match! Commenting to subscribe to this post
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    May 17, 2016
    carrollton ga
    I would love to get some of those wyandottes, my new favorite bird
  4. mikeldb

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    May 17, 2016
    carrollton ga
    You think you could have 10 of each on the first?

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