Purebred hatching eggs! Marans, Cochins, Sussex, D'anvers, Silkies and more!

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    Hi there! I breed several different breeds and qualities of fowl. Below is listed the breeds I have, what is available and their prices. I also sell chicks available for local pick up. Shipping is an additional $15 (this may change because I just ordered new boxes). I will try to keep this ad updated with what is currently laying! Red is currently not laying. For photos of how I package my eggs please visit: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.748784538564028.1073741835.705711092871373&type=3


    • Whites - $35 a dozen, $20 a half-dozen
    • Paints and blacks - $50 a dozen, $35 a half dozen
    • Splash and blues - $35, $20 a half dozen

    • Large Fowl Blue/Black/Splash - $35 a dozen, $20 a half dozen
    • Bantam Millie Fluer/ Calico (frizzled is possible) - $35 a dozen, $20 a half dozen

    • Blue and splash - $35 a dozen, $20 a half-dozen
    • Blue Copper/Black Copper/Blue - $25 a dozen, $15 a half-dozen

    Colorful Egg layers
    • Olive eggers and Easter eggers - $25 a dozen, $15 a half-dozen

    • Speckled Sussex - $35 a dozen, $20 a half-dozen

    • Mallards - $40 a dozen, $20 a half dozen

    Coming Soon: Mottled Javas, Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons, Frizzled large fowl cochins, lemon blue large fowl cochins, mottled bantam cochins, cream leg bars, mallard ducks!
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    How dark are your Marans eggs.
  3. Debs55

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    Ignore the other colored eggs but here are some examples



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    Mar 16, 2012
    Wow! Those maran eggs are big!
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    UPDATE: most breeds are now laying, but not regularly. I believe that since the weather is cooling off they will get back to laying more regularly so if you have questions about any of the breeds let me know and I can always write you down and we can work out the details once they get to laying 100% :)
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    Looking for frizzle LF cochin eggs (blue, black, splash), silkie eggs in blue or splash - particularly looking for good crests, and blue or splash marans. 18 0r 24 eggs total. I've been playing along with ameracaunas and silkies, but oh dear what poor crests the original silkies developed. Ugh. I like the absolute silliness of a full crested silkie wobbling around free ranging. And I had fourth generation Sizzles before we had to move. I miss them terribly and am slowly circling my way toward LF Sizzles and a few colored egg layers. Let me know price? Cher aka walkswithdog.
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    Looking for some eggs. White silkies and Marans.. any available... zip code 92324
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    I have what I consider great crests on my birds :) my blue and splash silkies are not laying right now (been a hot week) but I can put you on the list and give you a tentative date if that is ok with you. My marans are laying pretty well right ow, this pen will hatch blue, blue copper and black copper chicks. here at home I usually hatch blue and blue copper. EDIT: Also, in the spring once my blue cockerel is old enough I will have a marans pen that will be only blue and splash, no copper

    My large fowl frizzles will not be ready until next spring but I do have smooth large fowl cochins in Blue/Black/splash.

    I can either do one large order or send you eggs as they are available. Just let me know what works best for you and we can get something scheduled. Thanks for your interest!
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  9. Debs55

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    I could quite possibly get these out fairly soon because both of these are laying. How many eggs would you want?
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    I messaged you @chapin

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